DJI Mini 3 Pro Spotlight Intelligent Flight Mode

The intelligent flight mode Spotlight with the DJI Mini 3 Pro can be used in two different ways:

  • To maintain a static target in the same position on the frame while performing all sorts of movements
  • To track moving targets in a dynamic way

One of the most important new functionalities of the Mini 3 compared to the Mini 2 is the availability of the three intelligent flight modes grouped under the name Focus Track

I use them constantly, as they enable very complex and precise moves

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After drawing a box around the target, a small window appears with the three intelligent flight modes of Focus Track. The default mode is Spotlight, so we are immediately ready to go

Mini 3 Pro: setting a target in Spotlight mode
Mini 3 Pro: setting a target in Spotlight mode

These modes can be used with both color modes of the Mini 3, Normal and  D Cinelike

It is also possible to use the wheel of the RC controller to apply a smooth zoom of up to 200% while using Spotlight, but being a digital zoom there is a loss of resolution, so this functionality should be used only when the project will be encoded at a resolution of 1080p

Spotlight, like all the modes of Focus Track, is only available at frame rates up to 30 fps. 60 fps would be handy for applying slow-motion

The Mini 3 Pro doesn’t have omnidirectional obstacle sensors, so some attention is needed when using this mode

In this article, you will find details about the obstacle avoidance system of the Mini 3 Pro

With Static Targets

Classic Spotlight Moves

When a static subject is selected, the camera will maintain the target in the same position on the frame regardless of the drone’s movements. In other words, using this method, the camera is disconnected from the direction of the flight

A classic way to use Spotlight is to fly diagonally to the target to reveal the background with some parallax effect. In this case, revealing Mount Etna behind the monastery in the foreground

Here, I am using it to show the width of this lovely bay in East Sicily with the camera locked on the Norman castle while the drone performs several moves

Another bay nearby, this time the camera is locked on a tiny lighthouse revealing Mount Etna in the background

In this case, raising while moving toward this village perched on the hills. Spotlight maintains the camera on the target despite the change in elevation

Spotlight is handy in real estate videography, to show the surroundings of a property in a cinematic way

Advanced Spotlight Moves

A classic move difficult to perform manually is the famous Crane shot

The aircraft starts at a low altitude with the target locked in the middle of the frame, then raises moving closer to the target to end up on top of it for a bird’s eye view

The opposite move can be used for a Reversed Crane, revealing the background. I suggest choosing Cine mode for lower speed and more precise results

Waypoints is a very powerful tool, but sadly it is not available on the Mini 3 Pro

It works by setting two or more points. For each point, the position of the aircraft, the elevation, and the orientation of the camera are stored in memory

The software handles the smooth transition between the points. Please refer to my specific article about Waypoints with the Mavic 3  or Waypoints with the Mini 4 Pro 

Using Spotlight we can get similar results, as we have control of all the movement of the aircraft while the target remains in the center of the frame

Spotlight Mode for Tracking

Target Selection

Selecting a moving target by drawing a box around it can be challenging. In these situations, it is better to use Subject Scanning. We enable this option in the control tab of the settings

DJI Mini 3 Pro Spotlight mode, Setting a target using Subject Scanning
DJI Mini 3 Pro Spotlight mode, Setting a target using Subject Scanning

When Subject Scanning is selected the interface will show a box over suitable targets like people, bikes, cars, and boats. We can tap on the plus sign to select the target

Differences Between Active Track and Spotlight  

In Focus Track there are two tools particularly suited for tracking subjects. Active Track is designed to track a target autonomously. The drone will move to maintain a constant distance

This mode can be used without the controller, it is, therefore, the one to choose when it is not possible to operate the aircraft, for example in follow-me situations

More info about Active Track is in my specific article

Static Tracking

Autonomous tracking can also be performed using the mode Spotlight. In this mode, the drone will hover keeping the subject in the frame by panning laterally, behaving like a, well like a spotlight

This is also useful when following someone moving in a confined space, like a boxer in a ring, a comedian, or a rockstar on stage

Dynamic Tracking

Any time the controller can be used for tracking I choose to use Spotlight

The target will remain in the same position in the frame while all sorts of moves can be performed using the sticks of the controller, for very dynamic results

Point of Interest, the third mode of Focus Track, also has some limited tracking capabilities, here you find my specific article about POI

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