DJI Mini 3 Pro How to Use Active Track

Active Track is the tool to use with the DJI Mini 3 Pro for autonomous tracking, often referred to as “follow me”. It is the mode to use when driving, cycling, walking and talking, or performing moves without an operator controlling the aircraft

One of the most important upgrades of the Mini 3 Pro compared to the Mini 2 is the ability to track moving objects and follow people, cars, cycles, boats

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To enter the three intelligent flight modes of Focus Track, simply draw a box around the target

A small window will appear with the three modes available, by selecting Active Track it is then possible to choose one of the two modes, Trace or Parallel

In the menu control, we can select the option Subject Scanning. In this case, the software recognizes specific targets like people, cars, bicycles, boats, and vehicles and puts a plus sign around them

The option Subject Scanning in the Control tab of DJI Fly
The option Subject Scanning in the Control tab of DJI Fly

To select the target tap on the Plus sign. This method is particularly suitable for targets that are already in motion

Subject Scanning is available at 4k with frame rates up to 30 fps, as the three Focus Track modes do not work at higher frame rates

This is slightly disappointing, as we cannot apply slow motion while tracking which would often be useful

Obstacle Detection

Another major upgrade of the Mini 3 Pro compared to the Mini 2 is the presence of obstacle sensors

It is not an omnidirectional system. The front and back sensors have a wide-angle view and partially protect the sides and above, but obstacles placed near 90 degrees to the side or straight above will not be detected

Maintain the Mini 3 Pro above all obstacles while tracking (photo by Vicvideopic)
Maintain the Mini 3 Pro above all obstacles while tracking (photo by Vicvideopic)

For this reason, I would recommend using the Mini 3 for close-range follow-me only in wide open areas without any obstacles. I would not use it under canopies of trees or in dense forests. When tracking action I would remain above any obstacle

Here is my in-depth analysis of the obstacle avoidance system in the Mini 3 Pro

Autonomous Tracking

Let’s start with situations where we cannot use the remote controller. They are often referred to as autonomous tracking and are the ones where Active Track shines

I suggest choosing a wide-open location without any obstacles, maybe a beach or a scene with an interesting background

With the Mini 3 Pro, we have a choice between two tracking modes: Trace and Parallel

Mini 3 Pro, options for Trace and Parallel mode in Active Track
Mini 3 Pro, options for Trace and Parallel mode in Active Track

Trace Mode

In Trace mode, the aircraft will follow the target at a constant distance behind or in front of it. It is also possible to have the drone just above the target with the camera pointing down, for bird’s eye tracking

Tracking from behind works very well, even when the target changes direction. It is possible to place the drone in front of the target for a more interesting scene

With the Mini 3 Pro, it is possible to track at a lower height compared to previous models, about a meter or 3 feet. This is very useful for a closer view of the subject and to better reveal an interesting background

Parallel Mode

In Parallel mode, the aircraft tracks the target from the side, at an angle slightly larger than 90°, to help the action of the obstacle sensors, maintaining a constant distance

The drone keeps track of the target and manages to anticipate its position when trees cover it

It is also often useful to track one or more persons at a close distance, maybe someone telling a story, or singing, or two or more persons discussing while walking

Autonomous Tracking Using Spotlight

Autonomous tracking can also be performed using the mode Spotlight. In this mode, the drone will hover keeping the subject in the frame by panning laterally, behaving like a spotlight

This is also useful when following someone moving in a confined space, like a boxer in a ring, a comedian, or a rockstar on stage

Vertical Video and Zooming

Active track can also be used with the camera in Vertical orientation. Tracking in portrait mode works just as well as in the traditional landscape format

Vertical video is a major feature of the Mini 3, and the ability to track in this format is an important selling point for users active on digital social media platforms

While tracking we can apply a smooth Zoom using the right wheel of the remote controller

This is especially useful to get closer to the target because in most cases we have to keep the drone at some distance to stay away from obstacles

It is a digital zoom, therefore there is a loss of resolution, so it is only useful when encoding at 1080p, maybe for posting on social media

Using the Remote Controller

Using the remote controller, extra movement can be added for a more dynamic tracking experience

It is possible to use either Active Track or Spotlight, the drone will behave differently

The RC controller for the DJI Mini 3 Pro, Air 2s, and Mavic 3 (photo by Vicvideopic)
The RC controller for the DJI Mini 3 Pro, Air 2s, and Mavic 3 (photo by Vicvideopic)

More details about the RC Controller with a built-in screen in my article

Active Track

With Active Track, the distance from the target remains constant. It is not possible to get closer or further away, but the elevation can be modified and some lateral movement is possible

It is the mode to use for precise tracking while adding a little extra movement


In Spotlight mode, the target will be maintained in the same position in the frame, but all sorts of movements are possible

It is a very effective mode for very dynamic tracking revealing the background with an interesting parallax effect

If You Prefer To Watch It As a Video


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