What is FPV Mode with the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

When in FPV mode the Mini 3 Pro leans in the direction of a turn giving the feeling of being inside a small airplane. In this model, FPV mode works better compared to the first version in the Air 2s: the movement leaning to the side and back to normal is smoother and without any latency

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Follow and FPV

FPV mode in the Control tab of the Settings of the Mini 3 Pro
FPV mode in the Control tab of the Settings of the Mini 3 Pro

In the tab Control of the Settings of the Mini 3 Pro, there is an option to toggle between two different Gimbal Modes: Follow and FPV

Follow mode is used most of the time. The gimbal maintains the horizon level even when the aircraft turns horizontally

In this mode, the camera can only pan and tilt, but the rolling movement is taken out of the equation

When switching on FPV mode the gimbal is synchronized with the aircraft, in other words when advancing and turning the camera will lean in that direction like a small airplane

This mode works better compared to the first version in the Air 2s: the movement leaning to the side and back to normal is much smoother and without any latency

How FPV Mode works in the Mini 3 Pro

Video by Vicvideopic

FPV Mode for Footage

The FPV mode only works when the drone turns while moving forward. Both sticks of the remote controller must be involved in the moves

When hovering and simply panning the horizon remains straight. Surprisingly when moving backward the horizon remains straight while turning

Some interesting results can be achieved by combining several moves, advancing, turning laterally, changing altitude, and modifying the tilt of the gimbal with the wheel of the controller

FPV in Different Video Modes

The FPV mode works correctly in the three different speed modes: Cine, Normal, and Sport

When in FPV mode, the intelligent flight modes Active Track, Spotlight, and Point of Interest can be engaged, but while using them the camera behaves like in Follow mode and doesn’t roll laterally

In vertical orientation the aircraft behaves like in horizontal mode, leaning laterally while turning. This is excellent news for users involved in social media platforms

FPV Mode for Photography

Photo taken in FPV mode with the DJI Mini 3 Pro
Photo taken in FPV mode with the DJI Mini 3 Pro

The FPV mode is also relatively useful for photography, to get unusual images with a slanted horizon

Some may argue that similar results can be obtained by simply rotating the image in post-processing, but in this case, there will be a noticeable loss of resolution, while when using FPV mode the full resolution of the sensor is maintained

Vertical photo taken in FPV mode with the DJI Mini 3 Pro

FPV Mode Safety Issues

Video by Vicvideopic

I suggest practicing for a good while at a high altitude before getting closer to the ground, where the most spectacular results can be achieved

The obstacle avoidance system of the Mini 3 Pro works in FPV mode, but it lacks sensors to the sides and above, so some care is needed when flying at the same level as the surrounding obstacles

When flying closer to the ground it is beneficial to use ND filters to get the correct amount of motion blur

For obvious reasons, the FPV mode is not meant to compete with a proper FPV drone like the DJI Avata

These models are specifically designed to perform fast, precise moves and are well protected in case of a crash

With the Mini 3 Pro, I do not suggest going through small passages or other dangerous moves. It would be too risky

Can you use FPV goggles with the Mini 3 Pro?

It is possible to buy goggles and a motion controller stick for the Mini 3 Pro to get an experience closer to the one of a true FPV model

I find the goggles for the Mini 3 Pro expensive, bulky to carry, and also a bit dangerous

From the point of view of regulations, when using goggles for First Person View, a second person must be present close to the operator to act as a spotter

I don’t suggest using the Mini 3 Pro as a replacement for a proper FPV drone. The FPV mode should be used to add some creativity to your footage or photos  

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